My name is Ian and I am a graphic designer. I was raised in Pittsburgh, PA and have recently relocated to Denver, Colorado. I’m a passionate guy, but not many things come close to my love of creating. I feel so rewarded when I am able to create a piece of work or a spread that then goes to be a part of something bigger. Having a tangible piece of work, to me, is the best feeling in the world. Heck, even seeing a logo I created up on the scoreboard was an amazing feeling! Oh, I forgot to mention that sports design is a huge passion of mine! From creating logos and branding, to designing uniforms and a million pieces of collateral, I enjoy it all and I can see myself pursuing that as a career, later in life. On the side, I love to take pictures, sketch in Field Notes, and write in my blog. I’m an active member of the Pittsburgh AIGA (I even won the ugly sweater contest!)¬†and the Pittsburgh Dribbble community.