Hey! What’s goin on?

Welcome! My name is Ian Whittaker and I am a graphic designer from the Pittsburgh area. I graduated from Edinboro in 2012 with a degree in graphic design. I’ve struggled to find my way in the world of design, but I have landed in a great place with working in the print industry.

Ever since I started working in the print world, I have taken in as much knowledge as possible. I’m curious about different processes and love to find creative ways to make projects work for clients. Going above and beyond to make sure that we can do what a client requests is just in my nature. Anything I can do to make them happy and make sure the work is working for them as intended.

I’m a very passionate person. From being a die hard Pittsburgh sports fan, to having an extended knowledge of my favorite movie universes, I always want to know more. In my free time, I’m best known as a gamer: video games, board games, role playing games, war games. Some games even involve building and painting miniatures which is a huge hobby of mine.

Thanks for taking the time to read this little blurb and check out my work! I look forward to working together soon!